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Update 7.07.2004


Now this pages are 4 years old, time for an update. I just let stay the design, so i put only new information on this domain.

New are the information over the turbo and the meetings from 2002, 2004.

To my person:
My name is Daniel, i am 36 years old, maried, and i have a 6 years old doughter.

Since 9 years i have my GPz 750turbo. Nice bike, but you must be a little bit creasy to keep livin such a bike like this.

These sites should be for collecting all information and share it with erverybody.
But sorry right now it is to much work to translate everything in english. There exist already an english site


Very good site!

There is only one important difference, we have one guy who can repair the turbo near for nothing - just send me an email.

Regards Daniel